You are on this page because you or a loved one has been been charged with a crime. The constitution, being the supreme law of Canada, says that you are innocent until you are proven guilty. But let’s be very clear: you are now facing an opponent (the State) that has vast resources to punish offences which you may feel you did not commit. For that reason, before you go any further, and before you begin to talk to the police or a Crown Attorney, get the help of an experienced criminal lawyer. Everything you say or do at this point can have a negative effect on your case without legal guidance. Call Steven Safieh right away for a FREE CONSULTATION. (416) 356-9930

Bail Hearings

Do you need an experienced criminal lawyer to get you out of jail?

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Drugs, Bail, Domestic Assaults, Impaired Driving, and more.

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Covering all courts in Toronto, GTA, Southern Ontario. Qualified to practice law since 1995

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